Penultimate Penultimate Sundays? Musical Brunch at The Narrows (2206 River Rd., Upper Black Eddy, PA)

Penultimate Penultimate Sundays? What the…???  Please let me explain…

Way back in August 2022, I began what became a monthly musical “residency” at The Narrows, an amazing restaurant/bar/inn near Upper Black Eddy, PA. Because the first few dates happened to fall on the next-to-last Sundays of August, September and October, I decided to name the residency “Penultimate Sundays”, as all of the previous Narrows’ brunches have been on next-to-last Sundays…until this one.

This year, the next-to-the-last Sunday in December falls on December 24, Christmas Eve. Because I didn’t want to play while wearing a Santa Suit…alone, to an empty room…The Narrows’ management and myself thought it best to bump this monthly musical brunch up one week to Sunday, December 17. So, other than it being a week early, everything else will go as per usual…I play a random assortment of vaguely familiar acoustic covers (including a few from my list of “not-your-usual” Holiday Tunes)  while you enjoy a fabulous meal in The Narrows’ holiday-festooned main dining room & bar.

We’ll get back to the regular “Penultimate Sundays” routine when I return on Sunday, January 21, 2024




Dec 17 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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