Musical Saturday Lunch at “Tod the Mod’s” Starving Artists Cafe, 18 Bridge St., Stockton NJ

I dunno if a guy who’s been playing in cover bands and singing other folks’ songs for 45 years qualifies as an “artist” (and it’s for damn sure I ain’t starving) but I’m proud as heck to be the 2nd performer to take the stage at my buddy “Tod the Mod’s” just-opened “Starving Artists Cafe” at 18 Bridge St., Stockton NJ – Saturday, Feb. 10, from Noon to 2 pm.

Getting this cafe/performance space together has been a labor of love by one of the most creative, positive, “never-say-die” people I’ve ever known. Although Tod and his wonderful crew are still getting things up to speed, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy terrific food, good vibes, and solo acoustic arrangements of tunes by everybody from Louis Armstrong to Warren Zevon.


Feb 10 2024


12:05 pm - 2:05 pm