Live On The Rad-e-o…Songs & Stories on “Andy’s Music Mix”, Live from the WDVR Studio, Sergeantsville, NJ

Back in HS days, my life’s ambition was to be a cool, late-night FM radio DJ, like WNEW-FM’s Jonathan Schwartz, Alison Steele, Roscoe, and others whose voices and musical sensibilities filled my ears and fueled my young imagination. They instilled in me a hunger for music that had everything to do with my decision to major in broadcasting at Boston University’s School of Public Communication in the early 1970s. After college, other priorities emerged and the FM DJ dream never came true…but the passion grew and flourished, materializing as a 45 year “career” as a “weekend warrior” bar band player and now as a solo troubadour. Through all that time, one of the constants has been a love for a well-written song and ultimately, my choice to go solo so I could play those tunes that resonated most deeply in my heart.

On Wednesday evening, Oct. 18, I’ll be working on my “studio tan”, playing live on “Andy’s Music Mix” on WDVR-FM. Host Andy Kin is a great friend to our local music scene and I am grateful for the opportunity to play tunes by songwriters whose work has been so influential in forming my personal “musical aesthetic” and in guiding my musical path. Andy’s show starts at 6pm and you can stream it from the WDVR website here: 


Oct 18 2023


6:00 am - 8:00 pm