Singin’ on the Southside – Back at the Bethlehem Farmers Market

Up until last summer, it had been a pretty long time since I’d been on a college campus, but thanks to a couple gigs at the Bethlehem Farmers Market (held outside the Student Center of Lehigh University, corner of Newe & Morton Sts. on Bethlehem’s Southside) I got spend a few hours among college kids…even though it made a bit wistful to think back (wa-a-a-y back) on my own college days….and all the hours I spent in the Lehigh Library while working on a M.Ed in the mid 90s

I’ll be going “back to school” at the Bethlehem Farmers Market on Thursday, Sept. 14 between 11ish and 1:30ish. All kinds of produce, crafty stuff, and food vendors at BFM…it’s a great place to hang and enjoy a late summer afternoon.


Sep 14 2023


11:00 am - 1:30 pm